Yoga is the practice of creating balance in the mind and body. In the body that balance is found between strength and flexibility. We generally are drawn to our personal strength between the two and avoid our weakness. People who are flexible are potentially drawn to yoga and when strength is ignored injury is often caused in the joints. On the other hand people who are drawn to more strength and power based activities such as weight training and most sports, flexibility and mobility of the joints and muscles are often neglected or ignored. Yoga is the perfect practice to regain that balance and improve range of motion, flexibility and to prevent injury in the gym as well as in everyday life.

I have been teaching yoga for over 4 years in a variety of settings including groups of over 50 and I specialize in one on ones for anyone at any level of practice. I have received over 600 hours of training and am continually adding to my arsenal of information and technique. I use hands on touch and open conversation to create the perfect pose for each persons body. 

I enjoy staying active with running, weightlifting, snowboarding, hiking and of course, practicing yoga. I know what it is like to have pain and limitations in my body and I have experienced the remarkable benefits of  what a consistent yoga practice can provide in body and mind. Sharing yoga with anyone and everyone who is interested is my number one passion in life. Don’t hesitate to say hi and ask any questions you may have. I am looking forward to meeting you all!




Class Descriptions

Flow Restore will be an all levels class focused on creating strength, stability and balance in the beginning of class and then slowing it down to open up the body and relax the mind. 

Yin is a slow, meditative class that is bar none the number one way to create flexibility in the body through getting deep into the connective tissue of the muscles and joints. This class will be full of long holds and deep breath to leave you feeling super open and super relaxed! 

Flow will be a quick and refreshing class starting with sun salutations to warm up the body, standing posters to ground and strengthen, balancing poses and then ending with backbends and seated postures to energize you for the rest of your day

Real Evolution Yoga is an all levels, unique sequence I learned in Costa Rica with my close friend, Kevin. It is filled with the intention of bringing more awareness to your yoga practice and your life. Standard sequence with a twist. It is a really energizing and grounding practice that will leave you feeling strong and inspired. 


Practice with Amy

Amy offers group classes as well as 1 on 1 yoga sessions. To view her group class schedule, visit to see and book in the calendar. To book a 1 on 1 yoga session with Amy, contact her by email at or by phone at 587-879-4437 .