Since the fall of 2009 I have worked as a personal trainer, rarely even taking days off. I've accumulated over 10,000 client sessions and spend downtime relentlessly pursuing continued education in exercise physiology, nutrition, the psychology of human behavior and habits, and anything else I feel furthers the experience and results of my clients. 

I found my niche with the every day person who wants to be leaner, stronger, and healthier. I have always found greatest satisfaction in helping a person feel comfortable in a gym environment and providing the skills to have a lifetime of good nutritional habits and higher levels of physical activity. 

A core personal goal of mine is to actively try to train myself out of work by teaching and developing independent clients. For those who choose to work with me long term, I hope to provide endless value and progression in the overall experience. There is no magic formula to the success my clients see other than simply teaching the basics, developing comfort and consistency, and complimenting that with a strong knowledge of the science and psychology of nutrition. 

Many trainers enjoy a more niched approach with athletes or fitness competitors but my real love and focus is to work with the general population to make them extraordinary, in whatever form extraordinary takes for that individual. 

My clients embrace the fundamentals of resistance training, cardiovascular training, and developing a healthy balance of activity to enrich their lives while providing nutritional information to fulfill every aspect of health and wellness to ensure they are seeing the most out of training. No fads, gimmicks, or guru nonsense. 

I'm happy to sit down and meet to see if we are an ideal fit. 

Please approach me in person, text or call at 780-918-7878 or email at