I graduated from the Sattva School of Yoga and have been practicing for 8yrs. I originally began practicing yoga for fitness and to complement my Muay Thai kickboxing training. Soon after my path had Evolved ;) into a deeper understanding of self. The practice of Sattva yoga is a combination of Hatha yoga and Raja yoga, where we begin with a physical practice to open the body, followed by breathing techniques and meditation; leaving practitioners feeling relaxed with a balanced body and mind. During the 8 month teacher training I had lost over 50lbs, after this transformation I truly feel a calling to inspire more people to evolve along their own path of self realization, health and wellness!


Practice with Anson

To view Anson's Schedule, visit our Programs and Events page to see the schedule. Currently, Anson teaches Svatta Yoga Saturday mornings from 10:15-11:45am.