Harder Body Fitness
“The Functional Approach to Your Harder Body.”  A functional approach is taken with every client that Anthony sees because he understands the importance of fundamental movement skills to a person’s health.  Regardless of age or skill, every client is assessed and the appropriate measures are taken to make sure that person is the most efficient mover that they can be.  

Progression of Fundamental Skills
It would be ill-advised to solo jump out of a plane before learning how to deploy your own parachute. Same can be said about heavy squatting without core stability and hip mobility.  Through the Harder Body program each individual is taken through a progression of skills to ensure that they’re competent in movement and most importantly moving safely. 

Education is Key to Success. Anthony is a firm believer in educating his clients why they are performing specific movements within a training block. Through understanding the importance of specific cues and programming techniques one can exponentially increase how fast they reach their goals. 

Movement Assessment
The Harder Body movement assessment is the backbone from which all programs are designed.  The assessment has been developed over numerous years working with different health professionals from different backgrounds; massage, chiropractic, physiotherapists etc.  The assessment aims to identify both gross and acute movement pattern deficiencies so the client is given the correct exercise prescription. Each client/athlete is taken through a rigorous joint-by-joint testing regiment to distinguish function from compensation. 

Personal Training
Harder Body Fitness puts the “personal” back in Personal Training. Every PT client is taken through an interview process so that we can better get to know you as a person.  Once we have established your goals, the client is taken though the movement assessment to develop a needs analysis.  At this point we work together to develop a plan that both fits your lifestyle and will help you attain your goals in a safe and effective manner. 

Small & Large Group Training
Group training is designed to meet the needs of the group as a whole and exercise progressions and regression are implemented to meet each client where they are currently at with their fitness level. The focus of group classes range from Strength Training & Body Composition to Conditioning & Mobility Workshops.

Strength, Conditioning & Athletic Development
The cornerstone department of Harder Body Fitness. Anthony Harder has been training athletes from the age of 17 and has had first hand experience working with some of the biggest names in strength & conditioning in Edmonton. Years of work and ongoing research have been put into developing and refining techniques in hopes to produce healthy and efficient athletes.  Application of the most current and relevant strength and conditioning modalities are implemented to produce kinesthetically intelligent athletes.  

Individualized programming is taken to another level. Each client is given a personalized warm-up and workout regime that is based on their individual assessments.  Each exercise has a video example either hyperlinked or supplied in the exercise databank. Each program comes with a detailed description of how to read their program for modalities such as Set, Reps, Tempo, Projected PR, & %Max and how to use the revolutionary Progressive Loading chart.  Clients are also issued progress reports upon request. 


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