Powerlifting Program Design Workshop

Looking at developing your programming skills withing Powerlifting? We are having Avi Silverberg host a phenomenal 2 day workshop on the development, analysis and implementation of various periodization models specific to Powerlifting. Here you will learn  programming language, key principles in periodization, planning phases, periodization models, and a brief discussion on how to implement and 'put everything into practice'.  You will also evaluate case studies of programs and design a 'target population' for those programs (i.e. who would those program be optimal for) thereby understand each programs' strengths and limitations and  write a powerlifting program with Avi's support using a certain periodization model.

If you are a Powerlifting coach, trainer, lifter or someone who wants to develop their own program specific to your needs, this 2 day workshop is for you. The education of program design is essential to achieve high levels of success in Powerlifting or any strength based sport. Individuals who attend will develop a strong grasp of periodizaiton fundamentals that can carry over to other aspects of high performance training, not only specific to Powerlifting. 

Avi, who is also doing a Powerlifting technique workshop will be the host of this workshop. His background in powerlifting started as an athlete, rising through the various levels, and ultimately competing at 8 National Championships and 3 World Championships, highlights include: being the 3rd best bench presser in Canadian history, achieving a World bronze bench press medal, and being the current National Bench Press Record holder in the 120k/264lb class (lifting 300k/661lbs).  In conjunction with his athletic career in powerlifting, Avi have also studied sport science and human movement, graduating from a Master’s of Science degree in Kinesiology in December 2014 with a research focus in coaching elite master athletes in powerlifting.  With this experience, it has led him to start my own coaching business, where he currently coach over 40 National level powerlifters, as well as numerous local and provincial-level powerlifters.  

Most recently, Avi have served as the Team Canada Head Coach on numerous World Teams, including the: 2012 IPF World Bench Press Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic; 2013 IPF World Sub-Junior/Junior Championships in Killeen, Texas; 2014 IPF World Classic Championships in Potchefstroom, South Africa; and 2015 IPF World Classic Championships in Salo, Finland.  In addition, he provide coaching education and seminars on a variety of topics, including: powerlifting movement technique, competing for the first-time, and programming for powerlifting.  Further to Avi's coaching background, he hold numerous administrative positions within Canada and Alberta, including being a National-level referee, a member of the Student Scholarship Committee, and President of the Alberta Powerlifting Union. 

Date: November 21-22

Time: 0900-1600 both days

Cost: $140+GST

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