Karl MacPhee Joins Evolve!

We are very happy to announce Karl MacPhee has joined Evolve as a personal trainer. I met Karl when the gym was initially opened and he expressed interest in moving his business over to our location. With all his experience, knowledge and years of training under his belt, we were very happy to have him come on board. Here's a little blurb on Karl and his journey in the training world.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years however my fitness journey began long before I graduated from NAIT’s Personal Fitness Trainer Program in 2003. In my youth, if I was not playing competitive sports, I was working with my father or swimming in the lake with my extended family. It wasn’t until I joined the Army that I would be officially introduced to fitness. My desire to do well combined with my athletic experience, helped me to excel. I loved finishing first on our runs and I worked diligently to ensure I was competitive in the push ups, pull ups and heavy ruck marches. 

Shortly after my 21st birthday, I woke up on a hospital bed while on a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia. My life quickly changed as I learned I had a seizure, and because Epilepsy is in my family, I would soon be medically discharged. Many seizures followed and I would soon find myself deep in a rut, physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This is where fitness saved my life. I made the decision to be accountable to myself and my family by signing up for the NAIT PFT program. While attending NAIT, I was reminded that through proper sleep, nutrition, regular movement and managing stress, I would improve my health and in doing so, I would be in a better position to help others follow their dreams. 

In the years since graduating, I’ve made a commitment to continue learning and have attended numerous workshops such as Crossfit Level (Level 1 & Endurance), Trinity Yoga Level 1, Precision Nutrition, NCCP Weightlifting and NCCP Swimming Coach to name a few. Currently, I hold certifications with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP-PFT) and PTA Global (Advanced Certification). 

In the 10+ years as a fitness professional, I have worked with a wide range of individuals and teams. Much of my early experience was in coaching athletes at Body By Bennett and Ross Sheppard High School and as the years passed, I learned that I had an increasing passion for helping people just like you. Over the past 5 years, I have been working predominantly with adults who are looking to improve their health and fitness. 

My passion is to help you move well and to educate you on the small lifestyle adjustments that make a big difference. Creating positive habits one at a time goes a long way and suddenly you find yourself surrounded with like minded people who support you in your journey. This is where community plays a big role, which is why at Ripple Effect Strength & Conditioning I encourage you to try new things such as an obstacle race or heading out to the playground for a fun workout! 
I love what I do and I practice what I preach. On any given day, you will see me practicing the same skills that you will be working on in your training sessions.  Anything I will ask you to do in the training, I will have practiced before you, so that I understand how it feels and what works best. I will encourage you to set goals in and outside of the gym, and help guide you to success.  I will not put you on a machine and then leave you there, in fact I recently saw a t-shirt that said it best; ‘Stop working out on machines.  Be One!’.

I offer Personal Training and Small Group classes from Monday to Friday. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to set up a consultation. 

You can visit his page for more info: