Yin Yoga for Athletes - A better way to increase flexibility

Looking to de-stress, relax and increase flexibility at the end of the week? We are now having Friday night Yin Yoga classes hosted by Yoga Instructor Shari Arial for everyone to join!

She has created classes specific to address flexibility for improving performance in Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and general training.

September 18th will be a class focused on Hips and Groin, great for any sumo stance deadlifters and lifters wanting to achieve better depth in theirsquat.

September 25th will be a class focused on thoracic spine mobility and shoulders which will help setup a better back arc for benching and better posture for snatching and overhead squatting.

October 2nd will be focused on wrist and ankles to help setup a solid front rack position for a clean and front squat.

All classes will address the full body but will have different focuses each day.

Join us for sweet beats, candlelight and deep stretching to end your week!

Drop in or email Shari @ therapythruyoga@gmail.com