Personal Trainer Nikki McLeod Joins Evolve

This September has been great and it's only 2 days in! We have had 2 great additions to our team, Karl MacPhee and now Nikki McLeod! She is a personal trainer basing her business out of Evolve and we couldn't be happier that she is here with us. Here's some info on Nikki:

I became involved with sports and physical activity from a young age. It started off with soccer and then onto basketball, track and rugby. In my first year of college, I played out a scholarship for the Queen’s soccer team at Red Deer College which is also when my second knee injury occurred. Unwilling to go through this cycle for a possible third injury, I began to seek my physical activity by going to the gym. Until that point, I had only focused on sports and running; I had never experienced weight lifting. From there, I was hooked and it became a passion which I pursued by attending NAIT’s two year Personal Fitness Trainer program in 2012. The more I learned in my program about exercise and nutrition, the larger my passion grew too. Between my need to help people and my love for fitness, I knew personal training was the right fit for me. In 2013, I earned the position as the NAIT Women’s Basketball team trainer. In 2014, shortly after graduating and receiving my CSEP CPT Certificate, I competed in my first fitness show with the INBF. While bodybuilding was a great experience, I have switched gears and I plan to compete in powerlifting in the near future. 
I have been working as a personal trainer for over one year now. I have been training a clientele ranging from weight loss to weight gain to increased strength to sport specific athletes and strictly for the health benefits. I have experience with a clientele ranging from 15 to 80 years old…  It’s never too early or too late to start making positive lifestyle changes!

In addition to personal training, I also offer program designs and in-home personal training. All sessions come with a free consultation and fitness test to help pin point the best route to help you finally achieve your goals. Once your starting point is determined, a custom program design will be created specific to you, your needs, abilities and personal goals. Let me help you reach your goals whether they be weight loss, weight gain, muscle tone, increased strength, knowledge in the gym or just for the health benefits!  


To set up a free consult or if you have any questions: 
Call/Text Nikki @ 403-302-1913 or E-mail