I have been a soccer player for over 15 years, and have always held a great passion in other sports such as basketball, tennis, and cycling. My interest in strength and fitness training started in my high school years when I played competitive soccer. I realized my performance on the pitch could benefit from relevant strength and agility training which sparked a huge change in the way I train for sport. 

I started to lift weight and perform powerlifting related training two years ago. I noticed that lifting makes me stronger and more competitive in my soccer career. It lead my body to stay lean and resist putting on extra fat which had never became as easy as it is from lifting weights. I have built a lot of muscle mass, lost fat, and been feeling positive when I encounter tough situations in my life. By the time my soccer career finished, I decided to help more people realize the importance of lifting and incorporating regular exercise in their daily life. I perused my Personal Training Specialist Certificate through Canfit Pro which gave me the opportunity to spread my training concepts and sports experience to many individuals who are looking to life a more healthy and active. I want to be part of your success. I enjoy working with people who are interested in weight loss, general fitness training, and athletic training as my goal is to help athletes have a blistering career.
As a personal trainer, I believe that all-around development makes a better individual. Strength and stability training will not only improve your fitness level, but it will make everyday life feel great as your confidence, strength and endurance are drastically increased.  I not only help you to throw some body weight away, but will also teach you the skills and techniques needed to adopt a health and active lifestyle. Together, we can build a better you. 

Train With Bruce

Interested in training with Bruce? Contact him directly via phone at 780-807-5509 or by email at bruce15shaw@gmail.com