Over the past 3 years, the BarBelles have aided over 75 athletes achieve their goals of stepping on stage or on the platform at local, National and International levels.

The BarBelles believe in taking as balanced an approach as possible inorder to make their clients goals sustainable for the long term.

Carla Ramsay is the owner and as a dual athlete herself, she understands all the components to periodized programming, as well as the importance of solid nutrition through flexible dieting.

She has been an assistant coach for the Canadian Powerlifting Union at three International meets. Most recently, she was appointed Head Coach for the CPU’s female master teams in Killeen, Texas at the 2016 IPF World Championships.

Strength is a skill that must be practiced with the intention of mastering it. Getting strong will carry over into all aspects of one’s life and eventually leads to a new found confidence. The BarBelles can set you on that path.


Train with Carla

Email: carla@thebarbelles.ca
Website: www.thebarbelles.ca
Carla Ramsay PICP 2, PN 1, SFG 1

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