Colin has over 15 years of experience in clinical practice using acupuncture, manual therapy, nutrition and exercise in treating pain, injuries and dysfunction, all while promoting holistic health and symptom relief. 

His formal training includes a Master's in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Victoria; 5 years of postgraduate studies in Osteopathic Manual Practice with the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Vancouver; Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology studies with the faculty of Physical Education at the University of Alberta, and he is a certified instructor of Foundation Training.

Colin grew up playing a variety of sports, with a mother who was physical therapist and his father an engineer.  The advice from his parents, combined with his physical lifestyle, led to an early respect for active living, proactive care and belief in structural integrity being core to overall function. Today, Colin continues to play competitive hockey and basketball, and he combines the wisdom of his upbringing, over 10 years of formal education and 15 years of clinical experience to his practice. His patient's ailments range from sports injuries, acute and chronic pain, chronic health issues, arthritis, and structural dysfunction. 

Appointments are typically 1-hour in length (shorter and longer sessions are available) and can be billed to most insurance plans as a Registered Acupuncturist in both Alberta and British Columbia. 


How we move is a big part of how we live and how we feel. Foundation Training is a guide to movement fundamentals to allow everyone to move and feel better and stronger.

Foundation Training is a specific series of movements that restore proper movement mechanics for low back pain relief, postural correction and performance. Developed by Dr. Eric Goodman to cure his own severe low back pain, Foundation Training is a kinesthetic practice that allows you to get better, move easier, and feel stronger. 

With low back pain occurring in 8 out of 10 people and the increased prevalence computer postural strain, Foundation Training is a modern day cure. FT is designed to complement your activity whether you are a runner, golfer, yogi or desk jockey. Slumped teenagers, competitive athletes and osteoporotic elders can all benefit from the spinal stabilizing and hip hinging movements of FT.


Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT) treats physical strain and dysfunction with specific movements, manipulations, and exercises to restore structural balance and functional wellness. Attention is paid to the musculoskeletal, lymphatic, visceral and nervous system in physical assessment and treatment. OMT can be helpful in a range of conditions from pain and stiffness, to asthma and concussions. Patients often appreciate the gentle mobilization of muscles and joints to release restrictions and pain throughout the body.


Acupuncture is a therapeutic modality from Traditional Chinese Medicine, that has been used to treat pain and dysfunction for thousands of years, and is now being used worldwide by all types of doctors. Techniques can be subtle and relaxing superficial needling, or deep neuromuscular needling depending on what affect on the nervous system is required. The WHO has identified 82 different conditions that can be addressed effectively using acupuncture. 

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