Dylan Stanley PTS

Dylan Stanley is a professional ice hockey player, strength and conditioning coach and co-director of the Evolve High Performance hockey program. His hockey and training career began at an early age where he was introduced to some of the best strength coaches in Canada during his 5 year career in the WHL. His junior career saw him represent Team Canada and two separate occasions, he played over 300 games with one organization and was the recipient of multiple leading scorers, leadership, humanitarian and most valuable player awards. After his junior career he enrolled at the University of Alberta to play for the Golden Bears program that won him two National Championships in just 3 seasons; while winning league all-star awards in all 3 seasons. After his third year at the U of A a professional opportunity in Europe was presented to him that he decided to pursue. Dylan went on to finish his degree in Business online while playing professionally overseas.

Since his professional career began 10 years ago Dylan has played in the United States, Germany, Italy and now presently in Austria. He has won league championships, league scoring awards and league MVP awards while playing in Europe. Recently Dylan has also became involved in the skills development and lead strength and conditioning coach for Professional hockey clubs in Europe while still continuing his playing career.

The role as a strength coach and skills trainer has always been a desire of Dylan’s; working alongside coaches and trainers from the junior, professional, Olympic and Hockey Canada national program his knowledge iswide spread and specific to the development of players. Dylan decided to take this role to the next level nearly 8 years ago and has recently worked with players who have signed NHL contracts, represented Team Canada, and signed NCAA scholarships. Several of the players Dylan has been responsible for have been drafted and gone on to play in the WHL over the past couple seasons. Not only has Dylan provided the programming for his player’s spring and summer strength and conditioning he has also been the trainer responsible for every individual workout sessions. Countless hours in the gym creating better athlete’s is critical in any trainer but what sets Dylan apart is the endless knowledge to ensuring his athletes can transfer there mobility, strength, power, speed and conditioning to the ice. Ultimately ever hockey player is looking for a knowledgeable, hardworking and motivational trainer but if each individual player is not made aware of how these tools will transfer to their on ice performance then they are a step behind the athletes Dylan is working with. 

Evolve High Performance Hockey Program

The creation of this program is to turn individuals into high performance athletes and finally superior hockey players. Directors Shawn Belle and Dylan Stanley have put together a program to ensure all needs are met for each individual athlete. With the support of Jon Cheung and the entire Evolve team the high performance program for hockey players is able to offer access to rehabilitation specialists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists and yoga instructors. The strength and conditioning programs will be individually created by both Shawn and Dylan; who will monitor the progress of each athlete daily. One more reason to ensure this program separates itself from the pack is the quality of on ice instruction each individual player will receive. On ice programs will entail power skating, skills development, goal scoring, situational play and conditioning. Each player will have the confidence knowing there off ice and on ice programs will work in stride with one another to ensure that in the demand of just one off season they make the improvements necessary to get to the next level.

Making the choice of who is responsible for your hockey training in a market like Canada is demanding; going with two individuals like Dylan and Shawn who can provide 20+ years of professional playing experience and 25+ years of hands on training knowledge will provide each player the confidence that on and off ice training is taking care of in house by pro’s. Put your hockey career in the hands of individuals who have made a career of hockey.

Contact Dylan

For any training and/or hockey enquiries, contact Dylan at dstanley51@hotmail.com