Jon Cheung is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and owner of Evolve. He received his Bachelors of Physical Education from the University of Alberta in 2010, and since then has become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a level I Weightlifting Coach. 

Since graduating University, Jon has worked with many high level sports teams and individuals. He began working with the Alberta Sports Development Center shortly after graduating where he worked with many Team Alberta athletes in a wide array of sports such as hockey, soccer, football, snowboarding, basketball, fencing, judo, and many others. This exposure to many different sports helped Jon develop a very keen eye for technique and gave him the experience needed to apply the knowledge that he accumulated in school in the real world. While working at ASDC and at World Health as a personal trainer, he got the chance of a lifetime to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Edmonton Eskimos. Here he worked alongside athletic therapists, chiropractors, physicians, massage therapists, and many others to develop a football position specific in-season and off-season program for the team. He also worked with all injured athletes during the in-season to have them return to play as quickly as possible with the mandate of getting them back on the field without risk of re-injuring.  It was here that Jon learned a great deal of pre and post treatment modalities specific to sport injury that he still uses today with his clients and teams. 

Spending two years with the team lead Jon to take a position with the Edmonton Police Service in the Health and Wellness sector as the Head Training Specialist. Here, Jon taught all the Physical Training sessions for all new recruits coming onto the service. His goal was to have all recruits physically fit and able to do their duty with ease once they graduated as well as teach them the tools to continue a healthy and active lifestyle both in and outside the gym. Jon was also one of the main testers for all annual fitness tests done within the service for all active members. Here he administered over 1000 fitness tests a year, as well as analyzed the data to create new standards for all officers that are still in use today.

Once his position was finished, he set out to create Evolve, the first fully integrated facility of Strength coaches, trainers, medical staff, and the public all under one roof. He envisioned a facility of world class caliber to be available to the public as there aren't many facilities like this in the city, yet there are many high level and world class athletes training to be champions. Now they have a home for training as well as treatment, which is how every facility should be. 

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