My involvement in Olympic weightlifting began in 1972. I have an extensive background as an athlete, coach, administrator and official in the sport since that time. I have been the head coach of the Olympic Power and Fitness weightlifting club since 2005. During that time, I have developed athletes to successfully compete at the Western Canadian Championships as well as Junior and Senior Canadian Championships. Also during that time, I have been one of the coaches for Team Alberta for many of these competitions and have coached athletes to become national champions. 
I have worked extensively with athletes at all levels from novice to elite and always enjoy seeing the progress that they all make at whatever level they are training at. It is always exciting to see athletes become stronger and more proficient in the lifts and the satisfaction they feel from their training. My focus is in teaching proper movement patterns to ensure that athletes are completing all lifts and assistance exercises in safe and efficient patterns.  I have worked with competitive weightlifters as well as athletes from other sports using the lifts to gain strength and power for their sport. The skills learned through this training are extremely functional and carry over very well to any other sport that requires speed, flexibility and power. 

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