Throughout my life I've dealt with my share of struggles. These struggles contributed to creating a lifestyle plagued with bad habits, reflecting in unhealthy and frequent weight fluctuation.  This in turn caused negative emotional effects such as anxiety and depression. Regrettably this behavior continued up until the point I was able to acknowledge the simple fact that I needed help, thus began my journey into health and fitness.

Since then I have learned much about the human body and its physical potential. Once topping the scale at 285 pounds, I successfully lost just shy of 100 pounds using healthy, sustainable weight loss methods. After developing a passion for strength training (body building), I was able to put on 30 pounds of muscle, again using healthy and sustainable training techniques. I have achieved my Personal Fitness Training Diploma and have been certified by The American Council On Exercise to practice it. My passion for fitness has only grown as I have continued to acquire many certifications, including but not limited to movement screening and physical assessments, mobility, hard-style Kettle Bell Foundations, Team TRX Training and an ever-expanding knowledge of Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting.

This is the story of my lifestyle transformation. Now allow me to guide you through yours. I’m looking forward to working closely with clients motivated to make significant life changes. I firmly believe in the process of proper progression. Mobility, posture and pain free movement patterns being the key foundation to healthy, sustained weight loss and muscle growth, as well as an immensely improved quality of life day to day.

If you are ready to take charge of your life or you are just feeling stuck with your current program or routine, I'm here to help. Contact me for a personal consultation and lets get started today.

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