Marek Komar MSc

Marek is a Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant based out of Pivotal Physiotherapy who completed a double Master's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Lund University in Sweden. Marek also holds a Bachelor of Physical Education, specializing in Sports Performance from the University of Alberta, and is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA).

In addition, Marek holds an Introduction to Competition and Part A & B Multi Sport Theory certification with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), and completed the Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance Course.

Marek seeks to understand one fundamental question: What is holding you back from performing at your best? From his own experiences playing competitive soccer both at the varsity level, and in Europe, he understood that for him it was mental toughness. At the end of the day, the biggest battle we have is the one against ourselves, and this has led him to study the complex inner workings of the mind. As a sport psychology consultant he has worked with a number of elite athletes and teams, including professional clubs in Sweden, and varsity athletes from MacEwan Univesity and the UofA Pandas. His goal is to guide athletes in forming a healthy, confident, and happy individual ready to perform at their potential. 

Working on mental skills does not mean there is something wrong with you. It is just another means of enhancing your performance. We don't find it weird when an athlete is seeing a nutrition coach, or a physical therapist, so why is it any different to seeing a mental coach? Think of it as a gym membership for your mind. You spend so much time working on your physical prowess, so why not improve the mental skills as well. So whether you want see what the research says on goal-setting, increase confidence, recover emotionally from injury, create effective pre-game routines, or find “flow” in your performance, Marek will be there on your journey. You know yourself better than anyone else can, but with the right mental toolbox, greater self-awareness, positive well-being, and consistent performance can be achieved. Life is a performance, and we are all performers.

Outside of his work with mental training, Marek likes to keep active and healthy by running, and playing a number of different sports, as well as finding ways to develop and embody his own philosophies in daily life.

•    Team Performance Training
•    Individual Performance Training
•    Cognitive Assessments


Interested in Marek's services? Contact him via email at or by phone at 780-668-6529