Monique Johnston has been practicing massage for over 3 years. She completed her 3000 hour massage therapy diploma at Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon BC.

 She always had a calling to help either humans or animals. She finds human anatomy fascinating. Growing up she enjoyed giving back rubs to family members and hearing their positive feedback encouraged her to take it seriously.  She loves hearing clients say that massage is helping them. She also loves that each body is unique and feeling the change in tissue after she’s applied her massage techniques. She is driven to stay in this profession when clients inform her that in just one session their pain has decreased considerably or completely, or that they have gained a lot of range of motion back. 

The services she offers are Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation, Maternity, Infant Massage, Hot Stones and Dynamic Cupping. She uses a multitude of techniques, depending on the clients needs which include Trigger Point Release, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization and Isolated Stretching. 

On her spare time she keeps busy by volunteering at an an animal rescue, creating YouTube videos, watching Netflix, traveling, cooking, riding rollercoasters, attending concerts and has a huge interest in the arts as well. 


Interested in Monique's services? Reach her by phone at 780-717-4579