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Who is Edmonton's Sickest Squatter?

This challenge is to answer the ultimate question, who is Edmonton's Sickest Squatter? Will it be Olympic Weightlifters? Powerlifters? Strongmen? Crossfitters? Or Bodybuilders?

Rules: We will use the official competition scale before the challenge, all participants will take their bodyweight on the bar (rounded to the nearest kilo). Five minutes on the clock for as many reps as possible. Must squat below parallel, can do high or low bar. Each participant requires a person to act as a counter, and to make sure proper depth is observed. 

This will be done 100% RAW. No belt, no wraps, no sleeves. Oly shoes are fine.

Buy in: $20 per person

Cash Prize for Best Male and Best Female  (the pot will be split between winners)

Date: August 6th, 2016

Time: 1PM

 To register online, CLICK HERE