to Oct 11

AFLCA Resistance Training October 9-11, 2015

We are hosting the ALFCA Resistance Training Certification here at Evolve! After completing the Exercise Theory, trainers looking for the next step in personal training should look to this certification as it delivers the fundamentals needed for proper resistance training coaching. 

A minimum 20 hour course covering topics such as leadership, muscular strength, muscular endurance, circuit, introductory weight training programs, monitoring fitness centre, and/or weight room orientation. Topics covered include: techniques and precautions, exercise analysis, design, anatomy program design, specialty background, safety considerations, training methods, and resistance training with women, older adults and youth.

Date: October 9-11th, 2015

Time: TBD 

Cost: $231

Registration Deadline: October 1st, 2015

To register online, click here

For more information email info@evolvestrength.ca or by phone at 587-754-3632

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Ma Strength Technique Clinic & Coaching Workshop
to Sep 13

Ma Strength Technique Clinic & Coaching Workshop

The Ma Strength team is coming to Evolve! We are hosting 2 Chinese weightlifting technique clinics over this weekend. It for those wanting to learn the fundamental elements behind Chinese weightlifting technique to improve  snatch, clean, and jerk technique under the guidance of expert coaches at Ma Strength: Ma Jianping and Manuel Buitrago. In this unique weightlifting clinic you will:

  • Learn Chinese weightlifting technique using Coach Ma’s learning progression for the snatch, clean, and jerk,
  • Have your lifting evaluated individually and within a group setting to learn from others, and
  • Practice this style of lifting with weights attendees feel comfortable with while receiving verbal cues from experienced coaches.

The second seminar is a coaches workshop which is primarily a lecture-based seminar for coaches who want to enhance their coaching skills. Experienced athletes who want to improve their understanding of weightlifting techniques are welcomed as well, however we strongly recommend attending our technique seminar to be familiar with fundamental technique and assistance movements. Topics include:

  • An overview of the Chinese weightlifting system
  • Training philosophy & programming
  • Gender differences in training
  • Assistance exercises for snatch, clean, and jerk
  • Programming design for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters
  • An overview of recovery methods

In both seminars, all attendees should expect to learn Chinese weightlifting methods as taught in sports schools of all levels  throughout China. These are very practical, hands-on clinics for athletes of all levels who want to improve their ability to perform the lifts and coaches who want to learn an alternative way of approaching the snatch, clean, and jerk. Olympic weightlifters, Cross Fitters, trainers, and coaches are welcomed.


Coaches Workshop September 11th, 2015 5pm-830pm - Early Bird $375+GST

Technique Clinic September 12th or 13th, 2015 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm - Early Bird $375+GST

Both seminars - Early Bird $575+GST

Early Bird is valid until July 31st. As of August 1st, each seminar will be $400+GST and the combined price for both will be $625+GST

There are NO REFUNDS for this seminar 

To register online, click here

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to Aug 30

AFLCA Exercise Theory Certification

Want to become certified through the ALFCA but don't know where to start? We are hosting the Exercise Theory Certification program required for all ALFCA certifications this August!

A minimum 24 hour course covering basic fitness principles and a variety of activity experiences. Course topics include: anatomy, physiology, movement mechanics, training and conditioning, nutrition, leadership and health and fitness. The Exercise Theory course is the prerequisite to all specialization courses. All courses cover the same information even if they are scheduled differently.

Date: August 28-30th, 2015

Cost: $231

Registration deadline: August 24th, 2015.

To register online, please click here

For more information, please email info@evolvestrength.ca or by phone at 587-754-3632

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Firefighter Fitness Test Preparation
to Jun 27

Firefighter Fitness Test Preparation

Looking to become a Firefighter and want to make sure you're at the top of the list? The Firefighter Physical Fitness Test challenges multiple dimensions of physical performance from aerobic endurance, upper body power, and lower body power to full body endurance and full body strength. 

With such a high number of applicants every year, it is essential to dedicate your training in the right ways to ensure your success. While most facilities aren't equipped to train an applicant for this rigorous test, at Evolve we have the equipment, space, expertise to teach the proper techniques for each test, and the knowledge base to produce and maximize your performance in this 4 week program.

We have designed a program focused on education and performance. In the Firefighter Fitness Test Preparation Program, you will receive training in one of the best scientifically based Firefighter-specific programs tailored to excelling at this test. 

Start Date: June 2nd, 2015 (4 weeks in total)

End Date: June 27th, 2015 (12 sessions total)

Days: Every Tuesday @ 1800-1900, Thursday @ 1800-1900, Saturday @ 1000-1100

Cost: $149+GST

Minimum participants: 5

Email info@evolvestrength.ca to register

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Law Enforcement Preparation
to Jul 30

Law Enforcement Preparation

Want to prepare for a career in law enforcement?  Many Law Enforcement agencies require a certain standard of fitness to determine an applicants eligibility of getting on the job. The APREP (Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police Officers), POPAT (Police Officer Physical Abilities Test) are two of many tests required to pass before acceptance into a policing career. Our Law Enforcement Preparation Program is designed to prepare applicants for their physical tests and recruit class to ensure they are ready to pass and move onto the next step. With over 1.5 years working experience at the Edmonton Police Service Fitness Unit including administering, monitoring and analyzing the APREP test, our team can properly deliver an extensive and properly structured program specific to Law Enforcement Preparation.

Duration: 8 Weeks, June 2nd to July 30th, 2015

Details: Tuesday and Thursdays 1700-1800, 16 total sessions

Cost: $299+GST

Minimum Registration: 5 participants, Maximum 15 

How to register: email info@evolvestrength.ca

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