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Law Enforcement Preparation

Want to prepare for a career in law enforcement?  Many Law Enforcement agencies require a certain standard of fitness to determine an applicants eligibility of getting on the job. The APREP (Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police Officers), POPAT (Police Officer Physical Abilities Test) are two of many tests required to pass before acceptance into a policing career. Our Law Enforcement Preparation Program is designed to prepare applicants for their physical tests and recruit class to ensure they are ready to pass and move onto the next step. With over 1.5 years working experience at the Edmonton Police Service Fitness Unit including administering, monitoring and analyzing the APREP test, our team can properly deliver an extensive and properly structured program specific to Law Enforcement Preparation.

Duration: 8 Weeks, June 2nd to July 30th, 2015

Details: Tuesday and Thursdays 1700-1800, 16 total sessions

Cost: $299+GST

Minimum Registration: 5 participants, Maximum 15 

How to register: email