Hi, I am Robyn Carignan. I recently graduated from the Master of Science in Physical Therapy program at the University of Alberta. I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology in 2014 and have been a CSEP certified personal trainer since 2013. My passion for physiotherapy stems from my strong belief that exercise and movement are the best medicine for the body, mind and soul. Furthermore, I truly enjoy building a human connection with my patients and guiding them through the process of achieving success. 

My treatment style is based on your individual needs and is grounded in therapeutic exercise, education and manual therapy. My experiences in Kinesiology and Personal Training have provided me solid evidence of the benefits of strength and conditioning in a rehabilitation plan. Whether you are coming to see me due to a specific injury, or your aim is to improve your mobility, health and fitness, I am here to find new ways to guide, motivate and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. I want to not only help you to meet your goals, but also exceed them whenever possible. To me, innovation is key to challenging the body to recover, adapt and “move better”. I want to make your rehabilitation stimulating, something you want to do rather than something you have to do.  This way you are more likely to continue to be a “better mover” in the future. I enjoy working with all types and patients/athletes and I have a strong interest in sports injury rehabilitation and prevention. I plan to further my education throughout my physical therapy career by adding a variety of courses to my repertoire.

Outside of my position as a Physical Therapist I have a strong passion for fitness. When I am not training my clients you will often find me training at Evolve or sweating in a spin class. I have competed in two bodybuilding shows, two powerlifting meets, and have recently started to learn Olympic weightlifting. I love being outside, running, hiking and snowshoeing, whenever I can. When I have down time, I also enjoy reading fiction, trying out the great coffee shops and restaurants around Edmonton, and spending time with family and friends.

My goal is to inspire people to make movement a part of their everyday lives. The human body is powerful and quick to adapt. Rehabilitation is about realizing the full potential of your body through overcoming the challenges you place upon it.


Train with Robyn

To train with Robyn, contact her by email at robyn@pivotalphysio.com or by phone at 1-855-5PIVOTAL