Growing up heavily involved in sports, discipline and fitness came to Scott quickly.  His main focus in sport came in the way of soccer.  He began his soccer “career” at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped since.  He quickly became adept in the goalkeeper position and through his training allowed him to compete at the provincial level here in Alberta.  Scott has also traveled abroad to El Salvador to play with professional teams in the 1st and 2nd divisions.  As you can see, throughout his life physical activity has always been a mainstay and wants it to become one of yours!  You can expect to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired during training sessions with Scott.  He has completed the NAIT Personal Fitness Training program, and also holds certifications through CSEP-CPT and NASM-CES.  Through this education and passion for everything fitness there are no borders in training styles while you and Scott work together towards reaching your fitness goals.


Train with Scott

Interested in training with Scott? Contact him vis email at or by phone at 780-655-3486