Shane’s background in powerlifting started as an athlete in 2010, rising through the various levels, and ultimately competing at 4 National Championships and 2 North American Championships. Shane is ranked the 8th best bench presser in Canadian history, achieving a North American Gold medal in bench press and powerlifting. Currently, Shane holds a Commonwealth, North American, and National Bench Press Record in the 105kg/231lb class pressing 273kg/601lbs and is an Elite ranked equipped powerlifter.  

In conjunction with his athletic career in powerlifting, Shane has studied sociology, graduating from the University of Alberta; he also has numerous NCCP courses, specifically Track and Field, Fundamental Movement, Drug Free Sport, and Concussion Training. With this experience, it has led him to start coaching athletes, where he has coached over 50 powerlifters spanning from World Champions to strength enthusiast.  

Shane was the Head Coach at the University of Alberta for three years where their team won three back to back Provincial Team Titles. Since then, he was a part of the Team Canada Coaching staff for the North American Championship where Canada took home numerous Team Awards and Best Lifter accolades.  In addition to coaching, he provides education and seminars on powerlifting movement technique, competing for the first-time, programming, and referee clinics.  Further to Shane's coaching background, he holds numerous administrative positions within Alberta, including being a National Referee, the Alberta Referee Chairmen, Meet Director, and Vice-President of the Alberta Powerlifting Union. 

Powerlifting Experience

  • 2x North American Champion
  • 3x National Champion
  • Lightest Albertan to Benchpress over 600lbs
  • National Level Referee
  • Vice-President of Alberta Powerlifting
  • Team Canada Assistant Coach
  • University of Alberta Former Head Coach

Train with Shane

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