Shayna Law ACE-CPT


Growing up in the small town of Camrose, there wasn’t much to do other than play sports. Because of this, sport has been a focal point my entire life, where I began figure skating at the age of 6 as well as played junior high/ high school volleyball, basketball and badminton. After being involved in many sports growing up, I began to fall in love with the softball, which I was involved with Softball Alberta for 13+ years.

Throughout my teenage years I played softball with the St. Albert Angels which was where I found my love for the aspects behind the scenes of the game. Dry-land training, winter batting practices, strategy and the mechanics of the sport became an even bigger passion which has lead me to pursue a career in personal training. Once I decided I needed to be more than just the athlete, I enrolled myself into the Elevated Learning Academy Personal Training program. I made life long like minded friends whilst studying to achieve my American Council on Exercise Personal Training Certification and my Personal Training Diploma which I achieved in 2017 . 
My athletic background has instilled a goal achieving attitude in me, that is something I teach to all of my clients as well as the mindset of that no obstacle will stop us from crushing your goals as a team. Being in the Personal Training industry is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, I love to have the opportunity to better my clients day by day. 

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