Shun Sakai CAT(C)

Shun is an Athletic Therapist, CAT(C), who completed his Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy at Mount Royal University in Calgary. He first graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo in 2009, with a bachelor’s degree in Sport Science. He is also a certified athletic trainer (ATC) through the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. 

Throughout his life, Shun has been very active and involved in various sports, including swimming, skiing, and basketball. He was also an avid scuba diver, and spent most of his spare time during university travelling around Japan trying various diving spots. Shun has always had a passion to keep himself active and healthy through sports and he has enjoyed supporting people who hold similar passions and goals.

After obtaining his athletic therapist certification, Shun worked in a multidisciplinary clinic as well as in a variety of sports, such as volleyball and hockey. Currently, he is also working in a medical clinic, along with primary care physicians and orthopedic surgeons, as an Injury Care Coordinator.  Through the surgical cases that this position has offered, Shun has been able to gain a great deal of assessment skills and knowledge. At the same time, it has made him realize how important rehabilitation is and how many people can get better with a proper rehabilitation program.

Shun has a strong background using orthopedic assessment to identify and evaluate the degree of injuries, and he applies this knowledge to his firm beliefs that the body functions as a whole, with one system affecting another. In his initial assessment, Shun will spend a good amount of time taking a complete history and performing a whole body assessment, using a multi-perspective approach. His treatment focus is on utilizing manual therapy to achieve proper body movements, followed by an active rehabilitation to help clients achieve their goals.

His assessment and treatment skills include:
-Orthopedic assessment
-Selective Functional Movement Assessment
-Mulligan Mobilization with Movement
-Muscle Energy Technique
-Graston instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization
-Functional exercise/rehabilitation

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