I have been a trainer for 8 years, graduating from NAIT with a Personal Fitness Trainer diploma and national Personal Trainer certification in 2008. My passions are all active; crossfit, yoga, running and soccer are weekly routine, but I use them to increase my abilities in my biggest passion: the outdoors. I am an avid backpacker, paddler, rock climber, ski tourer and mountaineer. Being healthy and fit allows me to experience the most amazing parts of the world in non-traditional ways, and I believe everyone should have that opportunity. This is the philosophy I instil in my clients: anything is possible. 

My Clients

I have worked with a variety of client types, from sedentary weight loss clients, to national level athletes, and almost everything in between. I am open to working with all types of clients, and my client expectations are simple: do the work, trust the process, and be positive. I believe every person’s body and mind are capable of anything they want, but the trick is they have to want it. I have helped clients change their lives, but very little of the success was attributed to me; they did the work, they trusted what I was instructing and what they were feeling, and they stayed positive in even the most challenging of times. We are all hard-wired for greatness, for anything we want in life; we just have to decide we want it more than we want to be comfortable, convenient, and settle for what we have. 

Train with Tanis

Email me at info@boldstrength.com if you are ready to find out what your potential is.