Edmonton's Best Gym, Fitness and Wellness Facility




Utilizing the best equipment available, Evolve is here to elevate your training to a whole new level. 

From Eleiko Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting bumpers to Hammer Strength racks and Life Fitness treadmills, we offer one the best facilities suited to meet your needs in every form of physical training. 



We breed athletes. Our goal is to create and develop some of the best lifters and movers we can to tackle any challenge thrown at them. 

Our sights are set on providing the best coaching, best environment and community around to ensure everyone will reach their goals and beyond.



We want to give you access to the best professionals for rehabilitation, prehabilitation and recovery.

The professionals working out of Evolve are specialists in acupuncture, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, nutrition, and many more. You will not find a more diverse team than at Evolve.